Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Islam is Completely Evil and Has NO Redeeming Qualities Whatsoever

I have been completely upfront about my opinion of Islam, since the atrocity of 911:  I hate Islam.  I believe that Islam has no redeeming qualities and is a complete negative on humanity.  Islam creates much evil in the world and absolutely nothing good.

On the anniversary of the 911 atrocity, Muslims in Egypt and Libya decide to prove, once again (as if we needed any reminders), that they are bloodthirsty murderers, that their rotten "god" Allah is a joke, and that Mohammed was one of the most evil, odious and selfish men to ever draw breath.  Furthermore, the so-called Koran is a literary and theological disaster, a complete waste of paper, a hate manual for barbarians and nothing more.

Our ambassador to Libya was smothered to death and his body paraded through the streets by the Muslim mob.  Three other members of the embassy staff were killed as well.  In Egypt, at least one member of the embassy staff was killed in an attack on our embassy in Cairo.

What were these lunatics attacking us for?  Ostensibly, it was because some Americans made a film critical of the (false) prophet Mohammed.  I viewed a section of the film on YouTube and found it to be an accurate portrayal of this evil man, including the scene where Muslims murder an old woman by tying her between two camels and ripping her in two.

So what should we do?  We should get completely out of the Middle East, aiding only Israel.  All American aid to any and all Muslim countries should be stopped.  We should seek energy independence as soon as possible.  All Islamic immigration into the West should cease; no more mosques should be allowed, and all tax exempt statuses of Islamic mosques and organizations revoked.

Further, we should remove all American troops from Iraq and Afghanistan as quickly as possible.  Trying to turn barbarians into constitutional democrats is a fool's errand, and neither country is worth one drop more of American blood.


LD Jackson said...

I hate to condemn an entire religion and its followers, but every time Islam is in the news, it is because of violence. They seem to know of no other way to disagree with someone , other than violence. The idea that it is the religion of peace is ludicrous.

Stogie Chomper said...

LD, their violence isn't simply reacting to critics -- their violence against non-believers was commanded by Mohammed. Muslims are the initiators of violence for the stated purpose of forcing everyone in the world to convert. Convert or die, or in some cases, become a kind of slave, called a dhimmi. I have no problem condemning the entire religion. Yes, there are some "good" Muslims who refrain from violence, but that's because they choose not to obey the entire dogma. There were no doubt some good Nazis and Communists too, but I still condemn the ideologies in their entirety. Islam is just another tyranny that is packaged as a religion. It is more in the class of religions that practice human sacrifice and has all the moral rectitude of cannibalism.

hamoudi said...

please search for wahat is islam

Stogie Chomper said...

Unfortunately, almost none of the points in your graphic are included in the Koran.