Saturday, June 27, 2009

To Hell With It -- Let's Just Secede

It appears that Congress will be successful in passing its "Global Warming" bill and Cap and Tax scheme. There is no global warming, of course, but the bill will allow Congress to finally enact leftwing fascism in America, controlling every aspect of our personal lives and taxing us until we bleed.
If you think the economy is bad now, to quote Barack Obama "You ain't seen nothin' yet!" Be prepared to live at a lower level, to give up opportunities for a better life, to go without.

As the Democrats pursue their radical agenda to remake America into a socialist tyranny, we must begin thinking of radical responses. Since this country is ostensibly built on the "consent of the governed," we must withdraw our consent. The federal government vastly exceeded its Constitutional role some time ago and it's time to actively fight the monster it has become.

It is time for a radical reorganization of the individual states of the union. Those red states who dissent from the Democrats' radical agenda should simply put the federal government on notice that its bold new unconstitutional forays into health care and energy are null and void.

Further, the Supreme Court has been so corrupted with activist judges that it can no longer be trusted to arbitrate Constitutional disputes. The Supreme Court has become, not the ultimate defender of the Constitution, but its ultimate executioner. It subverts the Constitution far more often than it upholds it. The Supreme Court under Obama will take that final step to being merely an arm of the radical left; they will fire the coup de grace that will finally put the old document out of its misery. Which means that it will not be a "living document" but one that is quite dead, thank you.

In other words, Congress can pass a new fascist agenda until it's blue in the face, but we do not intend to obey it or abide by it. And if the Dems attempt to enforce their unconstitutional new laws at the point of a gun, we should be prepared to fight them.

We need a new Magna Charta of sorts. It should include the following:
1. A Supreme Court that is highly politicized and dedicated to politcal activism and "legislating from the bench" is not the court envisioned when this country was founded. Hereinafter, any Supreme Court decisions that are clearly unconstitutional will be disregarded and of no effect in the individual states as those states see fit.

2. Any cap and trade wealth redistribution scheme is null and void in any state who refuses to go along; no such taxes will be assessed or collected in such states by the federal government.

3. All federal restrictions on oil drilling, off the coast or within the interior of the United States, are null and void.

4. Any laws passed to subvert the 2nd Amendment and to disarm the populace are null and void and will not be enforced.

5. Any federal taxation that exceeds a reasonable rate needed to carry out the true Constitutional role of the federal government will not be collected or remitted to the federal government. All individual states should immediately take over the assessment and collection of federal taxes from its citizens and remove the federal government from the process altogether.
A new coalition of willing states should be formed immediately, for the purpose of resisting the new federal tyranny of the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party; of standing together and even to raising a common militia if needed for their own protection, and if ultimately necessary, for the secession of such states from the United States and the forming of a new nation dedicated to the original principles of the Founding Fathers.

We are facing a radical new fascism and the situation calls for an appropriate response, i.e. one that is bold and determined to resist the new tyranny now being foisted upon us. Let us rise to the challenge.

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