Monday, October 12, 2015

Some Conservative Bloggers Are Calling It Quits

Some blogger friends are calling it quits, saying goodbye to blogging.  One is Debbie Hamilton of Right Truth, and the other is Rick Darby of Reflecting Light.  Debbie is moving on to other things and Rick is just tired of blogging -- he has been at it ten years this past September.

I understand.  I too have thought about hanging it up.  If the right wing blogosphere is having any noticeable effect on the direction of the country, it isn't really obvious to me.  The USA seems to be going leftward at an increasing speed.  Each day brings forth some new outrage that would have been unthinkable ten years ago.

The major media are firmly in leftist hands.

Academia is far left and increasingly berserk.

The Supreme Court is a Clown Parade, a bad joke, a failed agency of government.  They prove only that we cannot rely on parchment to protect our liberties.

We have a terrible, reckless, out-of-control president who increasingly seeks to rule as a dictator through the use of executive decree.  Lately he has been threatening gun rights through this avenue.

Political correctness, i.e., what you can say or think or do, is tightly regulating open discourse, discussion and debate.  There may as well be a far-left speech code imposed on the country, under penalty of death for disobedience, because the First Amendment is pretty much fatally wounded.  One must not offend special groups, or commit microaggressions, lest one be insulted with racial epithets (like Ben Carson was recently, when called a "coon" by some black woman professor) or assaulted with outright profanity -- Seth Rogen, a Canadian comedic actor, stating publicly that Carson can "go fuck himself."  The proper response to Rogen, this pathetic girly-man, is not a rebuttal, but a strong punch in the mouth -- hard enough to dislodge several teeth.

When will the Revolution finally start?  I can hardly wait.

Meanwhile, goodbye to those bloggers who are giving it up.  I understand.  What's the point?  We are losing the country and our freedoms and the downhill slide is only accelerating.

Seth Rogen and his ilk have not only fucked Ben Carson, but all the rest of us as well.

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