Sunday, October 22, 2006

Islamic Immigration to the West Must Cease

This past week I finished Oriana Fallaci's book The Rage and The Pride. She wrote it in September 2001 while living in New York, immediately after the 9/11 Muslim attack on America. The book is one long rant, but an energizing, satisfying and educated rant. In it she takes the Muslim's to task, recounts their long and growing usurpations of European sovereignty and culture, denounces their barbaric civilization, and gives what-for to the Dhimmi leftist traitors who support and protect them. She calls the latter "cicadas," constantly clamoring for her head for daring to defend Europe and for criticizing the world's most barbaric religion.

Oriana likens our modern Dhimmis (pacifist-appeasers, multiculturalists, advocates of political correctness) to the German Jewish bankers who loaned money to Hitler prior to the Holocaust, hoping it would save them. However, they wound up in the ovens with millions of other Jews. Likewise, today's Dhimmis will wind up beheaded just like all the rest of us infidels.

I have now begun Oriana's follow-up book The Force of Reason. This book is less of a rant and includes backround and history on Muslim tyranny, their centuries of invasions and conquests, their mass murder of Christians, Jews and Hindus.

It becomes clear from Oriana's two books above that Europe is under a Muslim seige, one with the intent of conquering Europe and replacing its laws, culture, language and customs with those of the Muslim world. There is massive immigration into Europe from Muslim countries, and those immigrants reproduce like rabbits. Muslim women are encouraged to have five children in places like Italy where the European birthrate is static and where the European population is in slow decline. Oriana quotes one Muslim who brags that the Muslims will conquer Europe with the wombs of its women.

What Oriana Fallaci is saying is that the West is commiting suicide. Welcoming hundreds of thousands of hostile immigrants who have no intention of assimilating, who form states within a state by creating Muslim enclaves, and who then clamor for special treatment that elevates their Muslim traditions over local laws. They demand the right to wear the chador and the burqa, the right to polygamy, the right to halal butchery of animals (which is cruel and painful to the animals), the right to renounce a marriage without the trouble of a legal divorce.

One might think that Europe is already a colony of Dhimmis living under Muslim rule. Great pains are taken not to offend the Muslim sensibilities - a man who had a cross erected in his cornfield was persuaded to remove it as it offended passing Muslims. People who write about or speak out about Muslim tyranny and oppression are jailed as "racists." The same rules do not apply to the Mulsim immigrants: they can publicly advocate jihad all day long, call Christians and Jews descendants of monkeys and pigs, etc, and are usually not touched. They are what we in the past have called "a protected minority." No matter how stupid, destructive or violent they are, they live by a different set of rules than the rest of society and are immune from criticism.

Unbelievably, Italy funds the construction of Mosques with taxpayer money. It's as if the crazy left can't wait to die. They import tens of thousands of potential jihadis who despise us, give them great moral and financial support, all the while denouncing and oppressing those who tell the truth about the bloody and barbaric nature of Islam. Oriana Fallaci, at the time of her death, was indicted by an Italian court for writing The Rage and the Pride, i.e. for insulting Islam by telling the truth about it.

The logical conclusion for those of us who wish to survive physically as well as culturally is this: Islamic immigration into the West must cease. Political correctness must stop, completely and without reservation. The Dhimmi politicians who refuse to protect us must be thrown out of office en masse. Let's get to it.

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