Monday, April 02, 2007

Saberpoint Rules for Posting

Unfortunately, I have been receiving veiled threats from a leftwing blogger. That fact has forced me to activate the moderation filter for posting to this blog. I have never filtered comments before, believing that this would stifle comments. But, before I met the kooks at the Historians blog, I never deleted comments before nor had I ever banned anyone from posting. The obnoxious efforts of these people have forced me to change my policy.

Here are the new rules for posting messages to this blog:

You may not post the address, phone number, unpublished email address or actual identity (if the poster uses a log-in name) of any other poster. If you do, your message will be either edited or deleted. The reasons for this are obvious: to protect anyone who posts from physical harm from kooks of whatever political or religious persuasion, and to protect their privacy from unwanted phone calls or unwanted Google searches by potential employers or customers.

You may not be a troll, i.e. one who posts only ridicule and sarcasm for the purpose of annoying me. You must address a point or give an argument or an opinion.

Otherwise, there are no rules. I will post all other messages regardless of how insulting they are to me personally.

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