Sunday, April 10, 2016

One More Week

One more week of the tax season.  This one has gone by fast.  I have enjoyed it somewhat, but I want to get back on practicing bass with my jazz/swing band.

It has been raining a lot in California, and as far as I'm concerned, the drought is over.  Reservoirs are refilling nicely.  My persimmon tree is in full foliage, full of big green leaves and looking enthusiastic (for a tree).  I have never seen it so robust.

This year's presidential campaign is very troublesome.  The Democrats have gone even further to the left.  What is most surprising is the intense hatred of the GOP Establishment towards Donald Trump.  Will they screw him out of the nomination?  If so, will he start a Third Party?  I hope so, I would love to be something other than a Republican.

I am disgusted with Mark Levin (again), who has announced that he is of a "Never Trump" mindset.

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