Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Back From Spokane

I just got back from Spokane, Washington, visiting my son in the hospital.  Dooj (his nickname) is my eldest son and suffers from lupus and a severe infection.  He is healing, but has a ways to go before he can go home.  He has been hospitalized for two months, and will probably spend another two to three months in a rehabilitation facility before he can be released.

Spokane was interesting.  It has a small town feel, two lane roads, old houses and buildings of brick.  It felt comfortable.  Here in Hollister, California, where I live, there is a sizable Hispanic population.  In Spokane the population seems to be a white majority.  For me, that means there is no significant "other" there, and frankly, I liked that.  I am not big on multiculturalism.

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