Thursday, July 26, 2018

Disqus Commenting System -- Doesn't Work With Chrome?

When I view this site with Chrome browser, I am unable to access the Disqus Commenting System.  This isn't true all of the time, but lately it is true most of the time.

If you are unable to see a place under each post for comments, try a different browser.  The system seems to work better with the Microsoft Edge browser and the Firefox browser.  However, there is no doubt that most of this problem originates with Disqus.  I may have to look into a different commenting system.

Update:  Well now I am using Edge and I can see the comment section for all the posts below this one -- but not for this one!  Weird.

Another Update:  I notice Disqus stops working in Edge whenever I delete or edit old posts, or add new ones; however, if I click out of Saberpoint and then reload it, Disqus begins working again. Try that if you have trouble.  (This doesn't work for Chrome -- it just doesn't work, period).

UPDATE:  I deleted Disqus from my blog and reinstalled it, and now it works.

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