Monday, September 04, 2006

A Call To Islam Rejected

Recently an American member of al-Quaeda, one Adam Gadahn, made a "Call to Islam" to Americans and Christians. A "Call to Islam" is in reality a demand to accept Islam or die.

The Koran requires that Muslims make such a call before they are allowed to begin slaughtering the people to whom the call is made. Osama Bin Laden made such a call before he carried out his 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers.

Michelle Malkin has transcribed some of Adam Gadahn's words from his videotaped Call To Islam:

"Islam is the only religion acceptable to God and came with the revealed book, the Koran, which abrogates all previous revelations, like the Torah and Evangel... God recognizes no separation between religion and state..."

"To Americans and the rest of Christendom we say, either repent (your) misguided ways and enter into the light of truth or keep your poison to yourself and suffer the consequences in this world and the next..."

My response to this bearded barbarian is as follows:

1. Islam is most certainly not acceptable to God. It is the false religion of a false prophet, and its book the Koran an illiterate mishmash of hatred and calls to violence. We reject Islam, the Koran and their false prophet completely and without reservation.

2. It is you Muslims who had better repent and change your misguided ways, or suffer the consquences "in this world and the next." After 14 centuries of your violence, oppression and tyranny, the world is increasingly fed up with you. The retribution that is due you is well earned and overdue. It is time you were repaid, with interest.

It strains all credulity to believe that the lice-infested, illiterate Mohammed, a robber, thief, rapist and murderer, is a "prophet of God." The immorality, selfishness and cruelty of this man are utterly repugnant and overwhelm the moral senses. Just when one believes that human depravity, cruelty and savagery could descend no further, one discovers Islam. It is then that he realizes that the depths of human evil are almost limitless, especially as expressed in this "religion" most vile.

If you don't fully understand my response, Adam Gadahn, let me put it to you in clear terms. You can take your false religion, false prophet and your Koran and shove them straight up your ass.

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