Thursday, February 26, 2015

Christians Burned Alive In Nigeria? The New Holocaust Ignored by the World (WARNING: Grisly Photo)

My friend Rick Darby of Reflecting Light sent me a photo he obtained from a French friend.  It shows a multitude of people who have been incinerated.  The source says these are Christians who were burned alive in their church by Muslims in Nigeria.

The French text reads: THIS IS WHAT THE ENTIRE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY SUPPRESSES ... it is absoutely necessary to know.
Media scandal / It is politically incorrect to show the fate dealt by the Islamists to Christians who refuse to submit ...

Christians burned alive in a church in Nigeria: a monstrous holocaust before international indifference.


Can anyone shed more light on this photo and the story behind it?


zazie said...

thanks for posting this ; I got this photo from friends in Switzerland ; Have you heard of the destruction of statues and books in Mossoul? Muslims seem to know no limit in their hate of ANY civilisation.

DeoVindiceCSA said...

Stonewall Jackson had the best advice for dealing with ISIS

Always On Watch said...

I don't know anything about the photo, but I am certain that ISIS is capable of this kind of atrocity. In fact, these barbarians enjoy perpetrating atrocities.

Rick Darby said...

Other articles -- I can't vouch for their authenticity:

This piece (published four years ago) says the photo is not what it appears to be:

Stogie Chomper said...

Deo Vindice Brother!

Boo Spanyer Cassiopeia said...

Hello friends! : )
No...this is not what it seems. As it often happens on the internet, photos go round and round and the original story is forgotten.
So I looked it up for you.
The image goes back to July of 2010. A fuel tank explosion in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. An horrific accident.
The oil tanker turned was heavy with fuel. It started to burn. Everyone should have run away! but the people are poor-- so they came to collect the spilled fuel...a terrible thing!
Everyone had been happy and gathered watching football World Cup. The village that had been filled with joyous laughter now echoed with cries of pain and loss.
Please remember them in your prayers.
You might want to Google "Catastrophe of Sange" for more information.

P.S.- please forgive if i am repeating info you have already received

Stogie Chomper said...

Thanks for shedding light on this, Boo. Yes, pictures and rumors are common on the internet, and the rumors are often wrong.

Patriot said...

Hi big bro. Guess who I am. ISIS Will burn in Hell.