Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Islamophobia is a Good Thing; or Reason No. 1386 Why We Should Hate Islam #IslamicAtrocities

I see the Muslim animals in the Middle East burned a Jordanian pilot alive.  They put him in a cage, drenched him with gasoline, and lit a fire under the cage.

Islam is so uber-evil, that it is impossible any longer to be shocked by what its followers do in the name of their fake god.

Nice try, ISIS, but I cannot hate you or your religion any more than I already do.


Wizard of the Saddle said...

Stog, you realize that most of the soldiers who are actually fighting against ISIS (Syrian Army, Kurdish Militia, Iraqi Army etc.) are Muslim right?

Always On Watch said...

I forced myself to watch the entire video last night. Didn't sleep well -- and I'm usually a tough ol' broad about such things. But
watching that fellow twist and turn and the blood flowing out of his nose -- MY GOD!

And those subhumans loved what they were doing.

What to do? Annihilation. I don't care how, either. Just get it done! There will be collateral damage -- most regrettably.

What I saw done to that poor man was as bad as the ovens in Auschwitz. Worse, maybe.

Stogie Chomper said...

Of course, Wiz. Muslims have been killing each other for years, along with everyone else. In fact, Muslims are some of the chief victims of this terrible religion. You do realize, Wiz, that I have read 18 books on the subject of Islam, including the Koran, the Hadith, and the history of Muhammad's life, don't you? My hatred for Islam and ISIS in particular is one that is well informed.

Stogie Chomper said...

I didn't watch it. If I did, my hatred would become so bitter that it would make me sick to my stomach. Yes, we need boots on the ground and a lot of dead ISIS members -- all of them, actually. At least the victims of Auschwitz were dead when they were put into the ovens.

Shoebats droopy arse said...

Wow stogie reading 18 books on islam does not make you an expert on the subject matter! I've come across many old hateful islamaphobic nutters who claim that they've read the koran the hadith and studied the prophet's life (pbuh) when infact they've done nothing of the sort. If you had any knowledge of islam and Muslims then you would never equate islam with ISIS. There is nothing islamic about isis, and if you had any knowledge of isis you would know it is not only Christians and Christian holy sites they are targeting but they are also killing sunni/shia Muslims as well as destroying holy Islamic sites. They have desecrated the graves of the sahabas of the prophet Muhammad(pbuh) and scattered the bones. So I do not consider isis Islamic nor its followers Muslims. Your idiotic comment that "Muslims have been killing others for years including each other" is stupid and makes no sense, you are so blinded by your hate against Muslims and islam that you don't care to face the truth. America has invaded 14 Muslim countries on the pretext of helping but instead they have killed, murdered and displaced thousands of innocent people.you kill innocent people, kill their families and destroy their homes and when these people come into your country hell bent on revenge you label them "terrorists" " islamic jihadists" what you sow you reap! Benjamin Satanyahu is a war criminal and responsible for the genocide of innocent palistinian people, palistinian people refugees in their own country living in an open air prison, treated like no more than animals. The Norway killer Anders Brevick a stout christian who was responsible for the killing of 77 innocent people mostly teenagers went on the rampage to cleanse the country of non Christians. Adolf Hitler another devout Catholic who drew on his religion as a justification for what became the Holocaust. Rawanda genocide, deaths 500,000-1million by Theadore Sindkuwabo was a Catholic and was backed by the powerful Rawandan Catholic church. Colonising of the Americans led by nutter Colombus killed between 8.4 million and 100 million native Americans. Paralleled by similar events in Australia. Vietnam led by Catholic/Protestant/quaker/atheist leaders, killed approx 3.5 million, America more so because they had better weapons. Joseph Stalin/atheist killed 10-20 million.