Sunday, November 29, 2015

Are You Afraid of Being Called a RAAAAACIST? There is No Safety in Silence.

Is This You?
Every time I post about black dysfunction or anti-white racism, the only sound I hear from readers is crickets.  Doesn't anyone have an opinion?  Or are you all just deathly afraid of being called a RAAAACIST?  If so, this is a fear you need to overcome.

There are some compromised conservatives, now known as cuckservatives, who look for the good-boy, pat-on-the-head acceptance from liberal society, by mouthing polite fictions and supporting leftist memes (see an example, here).  They no doubt believe that the charge of "racism" directed at any and all conservatives is a bonafide misunderstanding, one that can be cleared up with a little explanation.  It can't, because it is the charge itself that is irrational -- as well as politically expedient for the lying left.

Others simply react to the racism charge like Dracula reacting to a crucifix.  They scream and turn to dust.  For them, there is no defense for the charge.  They must submit or die, figuratively.

"Racism" is the 21st century's equivalent of the 17th and 18th centuries accusation of being a witch.  In the latter case, no proof was necessary for the charge.  If the powers that be decided you were a witch, and responsible for crop failures, pestilences and bad weather, your goose was cooked.

The 21st century's "racism" accusations are very similar in purpose and effect:  to discredit and ostracize someone, even ruin them.  "Racism" is a magic word that can be used to taint anything, even inanimate objects like flags (Confederate), songs ("Take Me Back to Ole Virginny"), school menus (peanut butter sandwiches), and common expressions ("There is only one race, the human race").  Almost daily we can expect for something new to be labeled, absurdly, as "racist."  However, when everything and anything can be "racist," the term has lost all rational meaning. (See some examples here.)

Racism used to mean the irrational hatred of all members of a particular race, without exception, regardless of any person's individual qualities.  Under that older definition, the most virulent racism today comes from the black community and its white liberal supporters.  This anti-white racism is hateful and destructive, and must be confronted.  Don't be a cuckservative.  Grow some gonads.  Speak out!

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