Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Mass-Murdering Muslims Kill 14+ in San Bernardino, California #jihad

A small group of Muslims have murdered 14+ people in San Bernardino, in Southern California.  Are you shocked?  Neither am I.   Mass murder is what Muslims do. Not all Muslims, just the ones who are serious about their religion.  If they die for Allah, they go straight to Muslim heaven, bypassing the Day of Judgment altogether.

We are at war with Islam -- their choice, not ours.  For our own defense, open carry and concealed carry should be the right of every American citizen.

It seems that the murderers are native-born Muslims.  The same is true of some of the Muslims in the recent Paris attack.  Also, the Muslim murderers who attacked London a few years back were also born in the U.K.  The common thread is the violent, vile ideology known as Islam.

This is why the notion of "vetting" Muslim immigrants is so brazenly stupid.  Some Muslims are peaceful, but they have children, and some of those children grow up to be devout followers of the bloody prophet Muhammad -- and therefore, terrorists.  Anyone who follows Islam is therefore a threat -- either an immediate threat, or a delayed threat through their offspring.

The only practical solution is to outlaw Islam and stop all Islamic immigration into the West.

I am too disgusted with our so-called leaders to say more at this time.

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