Friday, February 19, 2016


Kooky left web-based magazine Salon is saying that Hillary can't win, but certain polls show that Bernie Sanders would beat the stuffings out of any Republican in a general election.  I find the claim about Sanders to be utterly unbelievable.  Is the great mass of the American populace really that ignorant?

Bernie Sanders is advocating a 90% top tax rate and massive spending to give free stuff to millennials and others who want a free ride.  This, of course, would greatly increase the pace of our descent into bankruptcy and economic ruin.  It would leave to posterity massive debt to pay off, without enjoying any of the benefits consumed by an earlier generation.

By way of analogy, imagine you had a credit card with a high debt limit.  It is guaranteed by your grandchildren -- if you don't repay it, your grandchildren will have to repay it instead.  So you decide to live it up, live in the high rent district, eat caviar and drink champagne, take lavish vacations, buy expensive sports cars, smoke the best cigars, and run around with wicked women.  Great fun, and all of it charged to the credit card!  So when it comes time to die, you hand the now over-the-limit credit card to your grandkids, and tell them to get to work because they are going to have to pay off your past fun.

Now your grandkids have to live in cheap housing, eat cheap and unhealthy food, work overtime, forego vacations, and drive old clunky cars -- all so they can pay for your past expenditures.

You have stolen posterity's wealth.  You have robbed the future.  Who cares?  You're dead.

That, basically, is what Bernie Sanders advocates, and what the spoiled, indoctrinated millennials want.  As long as they aren't here to suffer the consequences, they are more than ready to steal from posterity.

OF COURSE, my analogy is too simplistic.  It only deals with Bernie's robbing of future generations.  In reality, he proposes to rob the present generation as well, through vastly higher taxes.  He would first drain his grandkids bank accounts in the present, before saddling them with debt to pay in the future.  Clever guy.  The grandfather from Hell.

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