Thursday, December 29, 2016

AS THE WORM TURNS: Obama's Last Destruction In Office

The radical college sophomore pretending to be a president is wrecking as much as possible as his days in office dwindle.  He has recently:
  • Attempted to close oil drilling off the Alaskan coast PERMANENTLY, thus imposing his will on future administrations, and by his hand alone (not subect to any vote);
  • Back-stabbed the nation of Israel by refusing to veto the annual leftist condemnation of Israeli settlements;
  • Sought to bring in many more Syrian (Muslim potential terrorists) "refugees;"
  • Lied about Russian hacking the latest presidential election as a way to "explain" the American people's rejection of his would-be successor and his destructive leftist policies;
  • Imposed sanctions on Russia and expelled 35 Russian diplomats as punishment for nonexistent Russian hacking of the election.
Obama commits near-aggression against Russia merely as a ploy to delegitimize Trump's victory and convince the American people that the election result was not delivered by their votes, but by some black magic committed by Russian spies.  

I will be so glad when this leftist POS Barack Obama is removed from the White House.  Three more weeks, and the little traitor will do his best to damage the peace, prosperity and security of the United States while he has the chance.

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