Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Civil War Anyone?

The New York Times and Barack Obama are still pushing the Russians-Stole-The-Election meme.  Democrats and RINO Republicans like John McCain are calling for an investigation of Russian hacking that delivered the election to Donald Trump and stole it from Hillary Clinton.  Obama has promised to share that information with the members of the electoral college before they vote.

It's obvious that the dirty Dems are attempting a desperate move with this, their latest hoax.  Give the electors an excuse to vote for Hillary instead of the candidate chosen by the voters.  Even if it doesn't work, the fraud will still serve to delegitimize Trump's election.

The Dems operate under the assumption that "politics is war by other means."  Their latest campaign is to steal the election from Trump and award it to Hillary.  They should take care that their nefarious schemes do not segue into a new civil war.  

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