Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Current Leftist Themes on Twitter

Alex Jones of Infowars

I like arguing with liberals, leftists and Democrats on Twitter.  It's good practice for condensing your arguments to a few potent phrases, since you are limited in space.

Twitter also makes it clear what propaganda the left is pushing on a daily basis.  Right now the themes seem to run along these lines:

1.  Trump has started a "Deportation Task Force" to revoke the citizenship of those he deems undesirable.  One immediately gets the impression that ole "RAAACIST" Trump is plotting to send all those legal Mexican immigrants packing, because let's face it, if you are against illegal immigration from Mexico, it means you are against legal immigration as well.  That's because, in the minds of the left, only "racism" can be the reason for opposing illegals.

It isn't true, of course.  What is true is that the Department of Homeland Security has become aware that some foreigners have lied on the applications for citizenship, and some have even used fake identities, to gain entrance after being deported a first time.  Material misrepresentations on a citizenship application can allow citizenship to unsavory characters who would never have been approved if the facts were known.  No one can be deported without a court hearing, and Trump cannot deport anyone on his own.

2.  ICE is now even reaching into the Army to nab illegals and deport them.   This fable was debunked a couple of months ago, but still persists among those who avoid real news.  The Army was enlisting foreigners for military service and eventual citizenship, but some of the applicants didn't pass the background check.  So they were not allowed to enlist, and were sent packing.  No serving army soldiers were nabbed and deported.  However, the liberal big lie continues among the sheep.

3.  Censorship of Conservatives has reached a fever pitch.  It appears the big tech firms, Spotify, FaceBook, iTunes and YouTube have colluded to shut down Infowars.com and Alex Jones.  All of his accounts were shut down on the same day, for "hate speech" and violation of the Terms of Service.  It is pretty clear that the leftists in media have declared war on conservative thought and speech.

I am not a huge fan of Alex Jones, because of his conspiracy theories (he was one of the first to claim that 911 was "an inside job").  So I take him with a grain of salt.  However, I have never thought of him as a monger of hatred or anyone preaching violence.  We fear that Alex Jones is the canary in the coal mine, and that he is just the start of a purge.  Will the Drudge Report be next?

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