Saturday, May 12, 2007

Radical Muslim paramilitary compound flourishes in upper New York state

A radical Muslim paramilitary training ground has been established in upper New York state (hat tip to Powerline). It's called "Islamberg." The Canada Free Press describes it thus:

It is home to hundreds - - all in Islamic attire, and all African-Americans.
Most drive late model SUVs with license plates from Pennsylvania, New Jersey,
New York, Ohio, South Carolina, and Tennessee. The locals say that some work as
tollbooth operators for the New York State Thruway, while others are employed at
a credit card processing center that maintains confidential financial records.

While buzzing with activity during the week, the place becomes a virtual hive on weekends. The guest includes arrivals from the inner cities of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania and, occasionally, white-robed dignitaries in Ray-Bans from the Middle East.

Venturing into the complex last summer, Douglas Hagmann, an intrepid investigator and director of the Northeast Intelligence Service, came upon a military training area at the eastern perimeter of the property. The area was equipped with ropes hanging from tall trees, wooden fences for scaling, a make-shift obstacle course, and a firing range. Hagmann said that the range appeared to have been in regular use.

Whether this is just another hate-whitey dress-up game like the Black Panthers or whether it's really an Islamic threat is anyone's guess. However, "Islamberg" should be watched carefully.

Read the whole article here.

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