Monday, February 11, 2008

Berkeley, Calif: Home of the Kooky and Weird

Everyone by now has heard of Berkeley’s latest assault on freedom: they want to force the U.S. Marines to move their recruiting office out of that infamous city.

Berkeley, California is a city known to the whole world. It is a town of the kooky and weird, warmed-over, drug-addled hippies from the 1960’s. If it’s bad for America, they’re for it; if it helps the enemies of freedom, they embrace it.

As a Californian, I detest Berkeley. A friend of mine went to college there. He told me that the day he arrived at U.C. Berkeley there were three groups of protestors, each group protesting the other. Berkeley, or Berzerkley as we like to call it, is a raging embarrassment to the state of California, to America and to western civilization.

When you think Berkeley, think of aging, nude men in feather boas, marching down Main Street; think of clouds of fragrant Marijuana smoke, long, unwashed and unkempt hair and beards; think of aging hippies with peace signs pinned to their lapels; think of ugly, old women in pink garb, anxious for a chance to expose their sagging breasts in support of the trees, the Taliban, the Viet Cong, or whatever evil is currently ascendant in the world.

They should rename Berkeley “Kooks and Weirdoes,” to more accurately reflect the idiots who live there.

Berkeley, your name is treason, ignorance and stupidity. You disgust me.

(Photo by Zombie)

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