Thursday, March 06, 2008

Screw the "Palestinians"

A day or so ago, Hamas murdered some Israeli students in Jerusalem. They shot 6 or 8 students in a library of the school. The students were kids, aged 14 to 16 years old. Their crime: they were Jews.

Hamas is a terrorist arm of the Islamic invaders of Israel that some call the "Palestinians." The Palestinians want to kill all the Jews in Israel and take over the land for Muhammad. Why? Because it is their religion. Muhammad, when he did the world a huge favor by dying, commanded on his deathbed to not allow any other religions in the area but his.

Muhammad particularly hated Jews, because they rejected him as a self-proclaimed prophet. He commanded his followers to "kill Jews wherever you find them." There is no peace process possible. Moe's deep hatred has been passed on to his minions over the past centuries.

The Palestinians like to blow up busses and kill everyday people like you and me, people going to school or work or to town. They have blown up restaraunts full of families having a meal. They use their own children as human bombs to do this. They have shot toddlers with pacifiers at point blank range. Their religion and culture are pathological, as sick as anything human can get.

Of course the Left, meaning the Democrats, love the Palestinians. The Palestinians are clearly evil, so what's not to love? The Left cry great crocodile tears for the Palestinians. When the Israelis built a huge wall to keep terrorists out, the Dems had a Spazz attack. John Kerry demanded that the wall be taken down. The Israelis ignored him and left it up. The result has been a marked decrease in terrorist attacks on the Israelis and a lot fewer deaths.

Now that Bush is facing retirement, he does what every President does: he tries to create a legacy by bringing peace to the "Palestinians," no matter how many Israeli lives it takes. Condi Rice has become a cheerleader for the Palestinians. Gimme a P, Gimme an A, Gimme an know the drill.

Personally, I am sick to death of hearing about the plight of the poor Palestinians. Screw the Palestinians. I don't give a damn about the Palestinians and I have zero empathy for their plight, whatever it is. A pox on them all.

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