Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Democrat Strategy in Last Three Weeks

McCain's accurate linking of Obama to the terrorist Bill Ayers must be having some effect. Joe Biden is trying to manage McCain's behavior by saying "McCain will regret these attacks for the rest of his life."

When Biden says that "McCain will regret these attacks" he's referring to tying Obama to terrorist Bill Ayers. However, when you read the headline you get an impression that McCain must be attacking Obama on racial grounds. There is a strong implication that McCain's criticisms of Obama are racist. I suspect that is Biden's intent, particularly coming one day after a black Congressman irrationally called McCain-Palin the moral equivalent of George Wallace. While the false racism accusation is still in the public mind, follow it up with a headline "McCain will regret these attacks for the rest of his life." For anyone who has scanned the headlines without reading the story, they might easily think: what else could they be talking about but race? McCain must be attacking Obama's race! It's dirty pool. Don't fall for it.

Once again we see the art of the subtle smear, so well perfected by Democrat operatives over the years. Expect to see more of this strategy in the final three weeks of the campaign.

There is a not-so-subtle side of this Democrat smear. That's when the Democrats claim that Republicans are hate-filled bullies, ready to take to the streets and start breaking glass and beating people up. Another twist on this strategem is to suggest that it is Sarah Palin who is whipping the mob into a frenzy of hate and fury. It's total bullshit, of course.

The truth is the opposite: that Democrats and liberals are reponsible for the hate-filled fanatics. See Michelle Malkin's post of yesterday, where she lists a long line of videos and pictures of leftists expressing hatred and/or threatening violence to McCain or Palin.

Are we Republicans angry? You bet. Republicans are righteously angry over having another election stolen by massive, Democrat voter fraud, like that underway right now. They're angry at having the United States turned into a European style socialist mediocrity. They're angry at the brazen bias of the mainstream media that has for too long affected the outcome of elections. And they're angry for the Democrat's dirty politics and dishonest attempts to manipulate the vote through packed polls, hostile televison interviewers, biased moderators, Republican slander and liberal violence. How many cars with McCain bumper stickers have been keyed in the last few weeks? How many McCain-Palin signs have been stolen, defaced or set on fire?

Another major strategem is the Democrat push is to register as many people, living or dead, real or fictitious, to vote as Democrats. Democrat voter fraud is a long time affliction of our political system, but this year it has metastisized. Of 5,000 new voter registrations received in Indiana, the first 2,100 were fraudulent. See the link. ACORN, a leftwing group has been practicing voter registration fraud with wild abandon throughout the United States, in an attempt to get Barack Obama "elected." ACORN's offices were raided in one city and they are under investigation in many more. Will it be too late to stop the fraudulent votes that they have set in motion? Probably.

After the Democrat-created financial crisis of the past two weeks, voters have moved away from the man who tried two years ago to prevent it, and toward the man who recently and enthusiastically pushed the crisis to fruition, i.e., from McCain to Obama. Now, however, the panic is subsiding and people are moving back to McCain. We see this as the polls again tighten to within the margin of error.

Expect more Democrat dirty tricks in the final three weeks.

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