Saturday, December 13, 2008

Governor Blagojevich: Proof That All Democrats Are Corrupt Crooks?

This past week was interesting. A Democrat Governor, Rod Blagojevich of Illinois, was arrested on corruption charges. Seems he was trying to sell Barack Obama's Senate seat to the highest bidder. Amateur! If he was any good at being a crook he would have auctioned off the Washington Monument. In any case, he has greatly embarrassed the mainstream media and the Democrat Party.

When the news first broke I knew at once that Blagojevich was a Democrat. That's because no where in the great spectrum of the mainstream media, in print or online, was there any mention of Blagojevich's party affiliation. This is always a dead giveaway that the culprit is a Democrat. They always broadcast in bold, capitalized, large font letters REPUBLICAN whenever the creep of the week is one of ours. When the creep is a Democrat, his party affiliation is treated as totally irrelevant and clearly not worth mentioning.

Contrast this with that slimy venue know as MSN. They ran a photo of three Republicans, side by side, on the day the Republican National Convention opened last summer. One was Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, the other was that gay bathroom footsie guy Senator Larry Craig of Idaho and I forget the other; however, they were all disgraced Republican politicians. The MSN headline was that these were three Republicans who weren't planning to visit the Convention. It was brazen bias and a transparent attempt to besmirch all Republicans with the taint of these three schmucks. The message was clear: whenever you think of the Republican National Convention, think of Stevens, Craig et al. I was so disgusted that I ended, once and for all, using as my home page. I made Fox News my home page instead.

Now that the shoe is on the other foot, I reserve the right to emulate mainstream media reporting techniques. Here goes:

When DEMOCRAT Governor Rod Blagojevich of Illinois attempted to corruptly and criminally sell Obama's Senate seat, was he sending a clear message that the Democrat Party believes itself above the law? Since Blago was Obama's BFF, or best friend forever, how much did Obama know and when did he know it? What was Obama's take to be in the sordid undertaking? Since Obama admits to using cocaine earlier in life, was his share of the loot to be used to fund drug dealers? Was he planning to fund a cocaine party in the Lincoln bedroom? Is it true that Obama kicks puppies and hates butterflies? Shouldn't he just resign now and spare the country the trouble of impeachment? Should all Democrats be stripped of their US citizenship, assuming they have any, and exported to the nearest banana republic of their choice?

Think about it.

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