Monday, December 01, 2008

2 Year Old Moshe at Funeral of Parents Killed by Mumbai Muslims

I borrowed this from Atlas Shrugs. It's a photo of two year old Moshe Holtzberg at his parents' funeral today. They were murdered at the Jewish Center in Mumbai, India by the Muslim terrorists this past week.

The U.K. Daily Mail has the story:

What horrors has this two-year-old child seen? And how much does he understand?

His face wracked with sobs as he cries for his mother, tiny Moshe Holtzberg has had a miraculous escape: He was inside the Jewish centre stormed by Islamic militants during last week's Mumbai attacks.

His rabbi father and mother were both murdered by the militants. Moshe was rushed to safety - drenched in blood - after his nanny found him crying by their bodies.

Read it all here.

For those of you who think my suggestions for dealing with Islamic terrorists (see prior post) are too harsh -- what do you think now?

Let the whole world gaze upon the ugly face of Islam and be repulsed.


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