Sunday, December 14, 2008

Colin Powell, Shut the Hell Up

Colin Powell, that phony RINO Republican who endorsed Barack Obama for President, mainly on the basis of their shared skin color, came out this week to further ensconce himself in the Legion of the Lame. Powell completed his screwing over of the party that embraced and empowered him with these gems:

1. The GOP "needs to stop shouting at the world and the country...needs to take a hard look at itself."

Not a single specific example of this shouting was provided. This was just a generalized slur on Republicans and conservatives with no support or explanation. As such, it can be dismissed for what it is, hot air. The comment that "we need to take a hard look" at ourselves is pregnant with unvoiced accusation...that somehow we are motivated by dark forces, no doubt by bigotry, hatred and greed...everything that the Left wants to believe about us. The real purpose of this slander was not to change Republican behavior but to help Powell ingratiate himself with the Obama Administration. Republicans, it seems, are so out of power these days and it pays to kiss up to the new power brokers in Washington.

2. Sarah Palin "had something of a polarizing effect when she talked about how small-town values are good...It was that attempt by the party to use polarization for political advantage that I think backfired."

This comment is just unbelievably asinine. So now the GOP is trying to turn small-town folk against big-town folk? And this was the REAL issue and why we lost the election? Silly me, I thought it was the sudden tanking of the economy a month before the election -- but now I realize that Powell was right.

So many people across the fruited plain were involved in this "polarization" between hayseeds and city slickers. I know I was. I live in a small town and I just despise people from big cities...oh yes, I just lay awake at night resenting them. Really. They are so uppity with their paved streets and shoes and new fangled gadgets like "cars." They don't even wear overalls or have cows! What on earth were they thinking?? But then I realized I was only being played by Sarah Palin, who wanted to turn me against my big-city dwelling brothers and sisters, and I rushed right out and voted for Obama, as did millions of other right-thinking Americans. (Question: why does anyone take Colin Powell seriously when he advances such asinine arguments?)

3. "Can we continue to listen to Rush Limbaugh? Is this really the kind of party that we want to be when these kinds of spokespersons seem to appeal to our lesser instincts rather than our better instincts?"

This is a question based on a false premise, that Limbaugh appeals to our "lesser instincts rather than our better instincts." It is a generalized slur, of which the Left is so adept. Not a single specific example is given, mainly because there is none. I listen to Limbaugh quite often and he is grossly misrepresented by liberals as to what he says, thinks and believes. Since they can't refute him, they attempt to slander him or censor him. Arguing from a false premise is a form of lying. What does that make you, Colin Powell?

4. "There is nothing wrong with being conservative. There is nothing wrong with having socially conservative views — I don't object to that.”

He doesn't object to having conservative views, he only objects to anyone expressing them, like Limbaugh. He doesn't object to such views, even though they are appealing to "our lesser instincts." Powell, your logic is so weak and your arguments so bizarre, you really ought to change parties where your liberalism will have a home.

5. “But if the party wants to have a future in this country, it has to face some realities. In another 20 years, the majority in this country will be the minority."

So what does that mean, Powell? That conservative views are only beneficial to white people? What exactly are you implying? That if the GOP wants to be the majority party it has to expand welfare, open the borders wide to illegal immigration, bring back racial norming in SAT scores and college admissions, restore subprime mortgages for minorities who can't repay them?

In other words, to be the majority party we must fund minority dysfunction and give it moral legitimacy: welfare, crime, drug usage, illegitimacy, dropping out of school? Is that what you are actually trying to say, or do you even know yourself? In any case, you are wrong and here's why.

What works for white people works for ANYONE wanting a better life: getting an education; staying off drugs; not committing crimes and avoiding a criminal record; not getting a woman pregnant and then abandoning her and her child; not having a really crappy attitude (such as "every rotten thing I do is really your fault"); not being a racist (against whites); not being a professional victim to whom the world owes a living and a never-ending apology; getting your ass up in the morning and going to a job; supporting your family; having a teamwork approach at work; seeking to contribute something of actual value to society in exchange for a livelihood that has actually been EARNED.

These basic principles work for anyone of any color because reality does not change with one's ethnicity; to imply that a different race requires a different form of government or economic system is sheer demogoguery. It is not reality that must conform itself to those seeking to advance; it is they who must conform to reality if they are to rise in a free society. Those who embrace and work with reality are welcome in the Republican Party regardless of their race, ethnicity or skin color. To suggest otherwise, as Powell has, is a damnable lie.

Colin Powell's fuzzy, indistinct, half-formed thoughts and opinions have no value other than to advance his reputation amongst the liberal fever-swamps and make liberal black people love him again. Now he may be invited on the View and told how brave and courageous he is. Maybe he'll be invited to more cocktail parties on Capitol Hill and placed on the Hollywood A list. Maybe he can write a best-selling book with a healthy advance. It might be titled "My journey from the Dark Side: from Republican Lesser Instincts to Democrat Enlightenment." He could then go on Oprah and pitch the book. Maybe, just maybe, Barack Obama will give him a high level cabinet post, which is what this brouhaha is really all about.

SCREW YOU Powell. Whatever your motivations, the Republican Party will NOT be a carbon-copy of the socialist, pacifist Democrats. The Party suffers defeat when it stops being conservative, not the other way around. Under big spender, big government George Bush, the party stopped being conservative and we paid for it at the polls. THANK GOD he'll be gone soon.

If you think the GOP is through or that the country has irreversibly embraced socialism via the Democrat Party, you are wrong. Liberalism doesn't work. And that is the primary reason why we conservatives will be back. You can count on it.

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