Monday, January 19, 2009

The Inauguration: I Watch in Awe at a World Gone Mad

As Barack Obama prepares to assume his throne, I watch in awe at a world gone mad. Never before have I seen such wild optimism and unabashed hero worship over the installation of a new American president. So many people seem to think Obama is an unfathomable well of wisdom, judgment and knowledge. Obama has all the answers and can solve any problem.

All of this from the most inexperienced president in US history, and one whose past associations and positions suggest a profound lack of judgment and wisdom. It is madness.

Americans voted for this man for largely the same reasons they swoon for Rock stars: he's handsome, he's young, he's a nice trendy color, and he has a superficial slogan for every occasion: "Yes We Can!" "Change You Can Believe In!" "Follow the Yellow Brick Road!"

Okay, I just threw in that last one. But you get the idea.

A few months ago I wrote that Barack Obama was a kind of living Rorsach Ink Blot to so many worldwide. Since no one knew what Barack Obama believed in or stood for, you could use him as a psychological canvas on which to project all your hopes and dreams and all the antidotes to your fears. He could be anything that you imagined him to be.

Tomorrow Barack Obama ceases to be the imaginary president of your dreams, and the real president of your reality, with all his flaws, radical beliefs, racial resentments, extremist associations and crackpot ideas.

Perhaps Barack Obama was more than just an ink blot test for millions. Perhaps he was actually a giant reefer for the masses. Acupulco Gold, I'd say. That be some good shee-it, Bro.

Inhale deeply, you mindless minions. The come-down will be brutal.

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