Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gasoline to Hit $5 a Gallon Soon?

Our years of ignoring our energy needs is leading, quite predictably, to soaring gas prices.  Premium is pushing five dollars a gallon.

High energy costs echo through the economy like cannon fire.  Everything we make or do economically requires energy.  Transportation costs of all goods from manufacture to retail store, from farm to grocers, will increase, and so the prices of everything transported will also increase.  That means more for food, clothing, computers, and (gasp) cigars!

The Democrats, however, want high energy prices.  Why, I am not sure.  Perhaps because one of their major constituencies is the ecology fanatics who want to suppress humanity by suppressing the economy.  Yes, let's make the world safe for squirrels.

Fortunately, squirrels can't vote.  But we can, and November is getting closer every day.


Always On Watch said...

The Democrats, however, want high energy prices. Why, I am not sure.

To achieve the complete destruction of the middle class and to force most of the nation onto the public dole -- with the oligarchy ruling and living in luxury.

Stogie said...

AOW, it certainly seems like the Democrats want the general public to be poorer and worse off economically. So the idiot in the Oval Office opposed the new Canadian pipeline, as it would provide many jobs and perhaps have a dampening effect on the price of oil.

The Democratic Party's motto should be WE WANT YOU TO SUFFER!