Wednesday, September 03, 2014

O.J. Simpson Converts to Islam

This story has been circulating around the web for the past few days:  O.J. Simpson has converted to Islam in prison.  O.J. will fit right in -- as if his journey to Hell wasn't already assured.

Back in 1994, O.J. nearly decapitated his estranged wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, with a large knife.  He cut most of the way through her neck, only stopping when the knife hit bone.  O.J. then killed Ron Goldman, who apparently wandered into the scene trying to deliver sunglasses that Mrs. Simpson had left at the restaurant where he worked.  Ron was Jewish.

Islam is the religion where believers are allowed (even encouraged) to decapitate non-believers.  Perhaps O.J. saw something in Islam that he could strongly identify with.  Ya think?  For instance:
  • Women are chattel, and may be abused, beaten, even murdered, as the husband sees fit.  
  • Murdering Jews is A-OK in Islam, in fact, it is a requirement.  As Muhammad commanded, "Kill Jews wherever you find them."  Sorry Ron, rules are rules.
O.J. follows in the footsteps of fellow black athlete-turned-criminal, Mike Tyson.  Tyson was imprisoned for rape, and converted to Islam in prison.  Rape, like beheadings, is a popular activity in Islam.  Muslim men can rape women for a variety of reasons, all with the approval of their religion.  Somehow, the ancient religion found a place in Tyson's heart as well.

O.J., like Mike Tyson, has found his home, a religion that finally reflects his true values.


Rasputins rosary said...

Well, He has some experience at cutting off heads so it is a natural fit for him.

Randy G said...

The Religion of Peace...NOT. Islam and the muzzies are responsible for more death and violence than anything this planet has ever witnessed. OJ can kiss my Islam hating a$$!

Stogie Chomper said...

Mine too, Randy.

Stogie Chomper said...

Right you are.

Zain said...

You motherfuckers, in Islam, it says if you Murder somebody you are no longer part of Islam, they're just extremists, I have absolutely NO idea WTF they're thinking, just letting you know you racist cunts

Unbiased third party said...

As usual, they project their insecurities and ignorance into an article about a irrelevant issues..and this is "news". Don't forget what they did to Japanese American citizens during pearl harbor. If you want to learn about islam I suggest you go to the source. And know your own before you go bash someone else's religion.