Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Writer's Block: What I Would Say If I Didn't Have It.

I haven't written for several days.  Sometimes I just don't have much to say.  But if I did, here is what I would say:

Islam -- With the advent of ISIS and beheadings occurring within the United States, people seem increasingly aware of the evil and violent nature of this terrible religion.  It should be banned from all western countries and its adherents deported.  If we are going to allow Islam in the USA, we might as well allow cannibalism and human sacrifice.  The last two items are no more shocking than the practices of Islam.  Related Post at Right Truth:  At War With Islam.

Obama -- His glaring incompetence has become so acute that even liberal newspapers and pundits are criticizing him.  Will this spell a Republican victory in the November midterms?  It's hard to say.  Never bet on the intelligence of the average voter.

Rush Limbaugh -- It has come to light that Media Matters and a few fascist Democrat activists have been running a scam to scare away advertisers on Limbaugh's radio program.  They are using automatic Twitter feeds to target Rush's advertisers, trying to make their suppression of alternate views seem like a grass roots movement.  Typical of the left:  they cannot win an honest debate, so try to silence or slime the opposition in any way possible.  Truly, "politics is war by other means," and the Democrats are high practitioners of the art.

California's Drought -- Here in California, we go through droughts fairly regularly.  Finally, the rain will start again and we'll get drenched.  The current drought, however, is particularly long-lasting.  Sunny California and all that.  Yes, too much sun is not a good thing.  We need the wet stuff.  If we don't get it soon, water rationing will begin.  Today the sky is blue and cloudless.  Rain damn you!

In spite of the drought, my persimmon tree is chock full of fruit.  This will be our biggest harvest yet.  Persimmon trees only produce every other year.  Last year we had around 8 persimmons.  This year it will be ten times that much.  We'll give a lot of it away.  The fruit will be ripe enough to pick around November 1st.


Wizard of the Saddle said...

Gonna have to call you out on this one Stogie

I'll just quote the First Amendment verbatim here,

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or PROHIBITING the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Now, I don't particularly like the religion of Islam or a large number of its adherents, but it would set a bad precedent to violate the Bill of Rights. They should have the right to practice their religion within the confines of the law. Now I'm all in favor of throwing the book at the ones who start acting like barbarians, but they're the minority here. The fact is that the majority of Muslims (at least the ones in the United States) don't do all the fucked up things that their Quran actually encourages them to do (same could be said of Christians and Jews, whose Bibles for centuries were used to sanctify slavery, the Inquisition, and the genocide of Native Americans, but they no longer are). The ones that do generally tend to part of one of three groups.

1. Overzealous converts (Alton Nolen)

2. Immigrants who have difficulty integrating into American society (Tsarnaev brothers).

3. Losers with non-existent or stagnant careers, no family, and no life looking to find meaning in all of it (Nidal Malik Hasan).

Muslim Americans who don't belong to any of these groups generally don't turn to extremism and would be better off being left alone.

Stogie Chomper said...

Wizard, how can you follow a barbarian religion without being a barbarian yourself? Islam commands its followers to kill infidels, convert them, or make them into a kind of slave called a dhimmi. Those who cannot become jihadists are obligated to support those who are. One jihadist who dies for Allah can supposedly intercede for 60 of his family members who did not die for Allah.

The problem is not over zealous converts, the problem is the religion itself. It is intractably violent. Its prophet was a mass murderer, rapist, slave merchant, liar and pedophile. He is the "perfect man," the example for all Muslims to follow. I know what I am talking about, I've read 18 books about Islam, including the Koran and much of the Hadith.

Wherever you have a large mass of Muslims, you are going to have violence: beheadings, honor killings, bombings. Muslims believe in replacing the Constitution that you love so much with something called Sharia law. That is commanded by Muhammad as well. It is the barbarian law of cutting off thieves' hands in the public square, stoning adulterers to death and hanging gays. Muslims are not loyal to any country, they are loyal to the Umma, that is, all Muslims everywhere in the world. They recognize no national boundaries.

The Constitution is not a death wish or a suicide pact. We should and must terminate all inbound Muslim immigration into the west, encourage those already here to leave, and prohibit the building of mosques. The survival of western civilization is at stake.

No one need misuse the Koran to justify mass murder and conquest, these things are spelled out clearly in the Koran. So I cannot accept your analogy to the Bible. Stop listening to Ron Paul and educate yourself about Islam -- its history, its practices, its dogmas.

Always On Watch said...

Stogie, It's okay to have writer's block. We're all on overload!

Always On Watch said...

Wherever you have a large mass of Muslims, you are going to have violence: beheadings, honor killings, bombings.

Indeed! It's called "critical mass."

Stogie Chomper said...

AOW, yes, when the Muslim population rises to a certain point, then they get braver about voicing their true intentions. Look at those in Britain who marched with signs advocating the beheading of critics, and the start of the "real" holocaust.

SarahSue said...

I do not understand why so many Americans are willing to give constitutional rights to our enemies.

Our enemies tell us over and over that they hate democracy and everything associated with it. They want to replace our form of government their own. Yet when they break our laws we give them a lawyer and due process.

To protect ourselves, we should outlaw islam and treat it like any other ideology. Islam is not a religion. Muslims should be treated like enemy combatants.

We keep wanting them to be ‘just like us’ even when they prove they are not. Look at the Middle East. Does our
country look anything like it? Do we want it to? Muslims have proven that that is what they want. Should we accommodate them?

Anyone who believes in ‘moderate muslims’ does not understand the concept of ‘sudden jihad syndrome’. Why do muslims from civilized countries go to Syria and fight? Because the koran tells them to. Why do they put up videos showing their barbaric acts? Because the koran tells them they are good muslims if they do these things.

Americans are warm, generous people. We are the best in the world. Our county is the best in the world. We need to protect if from people who want to destroy it. How many times will muslims tell us they want to destroy us before we believe them?

Stogie Chomper said...

Excellent points, Sarah Sue. I agree with everything you said.