Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Royals Humiliate Giants in Game 6; Final Game of 2014 World Series Tonight #worldseries, #SFGiants #Royals

Back on their home turf and surrounded by dedicated, cheering fans, the Kansas City Royals looked like sure winners on Tuesday night.  They ran up a score of 10-Zip before the final out.

The major cause of their victory, however, was a dismal pitching performance by SF Giant Jake Peavy, the worst of his career (or so say the pundits).  He did terrible in Game 2 as well, for the same reason:  walking batters, loading the bases, then allowing singles and doubles to bring in the runs.

Why Manager Bruce Bochy started Peavy is odd, considering the Game 2 fiasco.  In Game 6, Peavy was pulled after 2 innings.  His replacements were not much better, allowing hits (but fewer walks), and the infield made some dubious defensive plays that allowed runners to reach base.  So Peavy was not the only problem, the entire Giants roster was lackluster.

The Royals started a young pitcher from the Dominican Republic who throws 98 MPH fastballs, and his pitching frustrated Giants batters.  The long and short of it is that the Giants crashed and burned, all to the staccato of Royals bats, who began to sound like a Japanese drum troupe as they laid down a barrage of singles, doubles and one home run.

An announcer stated that of the last World Series ten teams who were 3-2 but lost the 6th game, eight were defeated and only two survived the 7th game.  So it appears statistically probable that the Royals will win their second World Series ever this evening.  They last won in 1985.

I am hoping that the Giants will rally to win Game 7, but if I were a betting man, my money would be on the Royals.  Prove me wrong, Giants, puh-leeze.


countenance said...

I hate the Giants.

The Giants have been our big problem in recent playoff history.

But I want them to win tonight.

That's because I despise any more the thought that Kansas City would be celebrating anything.

Stogie Chomper said...

So what is your favorite team, Count?

countenance said...

The one your Giants beat on the way to the World Series.

Stogie Chomper said...

The Cardinals? They were a very tough nut to crack, and the 4 games to 1 tally is misleading, since every game was hard fought and close.