Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Taking Stock: the World According to Stogie

Fall Weather and Flapping Duck Wings
I like to spend the morning sitting in my canvas-top gazebo, drinking coffee, reading the news on my laptop, and enjoying the fall weather.  This morning I saw two large V formations of ducks flying overhead, quacking happily amid a sea of flapping wings.  It was such a lovely fall scene.

Wifey has begun harvesting our persimmons, which are ripening earlier than usual.

Marriage and Merriment
Our youngest son is getting married on November 1st, in Los Angeles.  We are happy for him, and getting ready for the trek South to see him, his bride, his new in-laws, and many relatives and mutual friends.  This week I bought a new dark blue pinstripe suit for the wedding, which will also serve me well in the tax season.

Bay Area Sports
Professional sports are a small item in the Great Scheme of Things.  I won't lose any sleep if the San Francisco Giants baseball team loses to the St. Louis Cardinals, nor if the San Francisco Forty-Niners lose the rest of their football games.  Nevertheless, I really enjoyed seeing (hearing, rather) the Giants beat the Cardinals 5-4 in ten innings last night.  On Monday, I enjoyed seeing the Forty-Niners stomp the St. Louis Rams.  Nothing personal, St. Louis, and I wish you well otherwise.

Islam Sucks and So Do Liberals
Since Islam is one of the greatest evils that western civilization has ever faced, naturally liberals love it, defend it, rationalize for it, and want more of it.  Fortunately, the American public is becoming more aware of just how awful Islam really is, and are less and less tolerant of its hostility to western values, like the right to be a non-Muslim and still keep your head.  I suspect that the public's tolerance of Islamic intolerance will diminish as Islamic atrocities increase within our borders.  And they will.

The Natives Are Restless in Ferguson, Missouri.  Oh was that racist?  Tough shit.  This week a crowd of blacks in Ferguson expressed their racial hatred of white cops by harassing shoppers in a mall, demanding "Justice,"  By "justice," they mean that white officers who shoot attacking black thugs are to be prosecuted regardless of a lack of evidence that they did anything wrong.  The New Black Panthers (who are more skunk than panther) are demanding the murder, not only of police officers, but of white people in general.  Note to Black Skunk leader:  we are armed, and we shoot back.  Further, there are a lot more of us than there are of you, and we are quite fed up with your bullshit.  Don't push it.

I understand that they are still investigating the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, and have not yet reached any decision to indict and prosecute police officer Wilson.  I wish they would hurry up and come to a conclusion.  If it is to not indict, some black leaders have sworn to riot and rampage in protest.  Others blacks are pissed that the Ferguson stores that they burned down have not yet been rebuilt so they can shop locally.  They are vowing to riot again if the stores are not rebuilt.  Not sure what they are going to burn down next, however.

If I lived in Ferguson or St. Louis, I would definitely arm myself with a pistol and a shotgun, and practice shooting at a shooting range.  As a matter of fact, I should put that on my to-do list, even though I live elsewhere.  You should too.

All three of my sons are well armed and know how to use their firearms.  I raised those boys right.


Wizard of the Saddle said...

What do you think of Ebolamania? Personally, I've found the government's response to be appallingly poor. African nations much worse off than we are have done more to secure themselves against it than we have.

Of course the liberals will start crying "racist" if we enact any sort of sensible restrictions...

Stogie Chomper said...

Wizard, I am more than concerned with the fool in the White House mishandling another crisis, one that could kill millions of Americans.

DonaldDouglas said...

I'm enjoying the Giants in the playoffs and World Series.