Sunday, December 14, 2014

A White Cop Speaks Out On Black Violence

Via Cohen Flaherty, I learned of this blog by a police officer called "Anonymous Cop."  He writes about the inner city where he works as a policeman, and has much experience with the people who live there (black people).  He is a political conservative.

In his latest blog post, Anonymous Cop writes that the greatest enemy of black people is themselves.  See his post From a White Cop: Blacks Fight For an End to All Violence Except Their Own.  He writes:
With exponentially higher abortion and murder rates throughout black communities than any other race, what right do blacks have to imply that anyone values their lives less than they do themselves? In some areas blacks abort more babies than are born and kill each other several times more than any other race. Blacks also murder other races at rate higher than other races murder them. Statistically, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that life in general appears to mean the least to blacks.
I will link to his blog in my left sidebar.  Other bloggers may wish to do the same.

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