Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Innuendo: The Democrat Campaign of Soft Slander

When the Democrats are out of power, they resort to a pervasive campaign of soft slander of Republicans.  This effort generally doesn't accuse any Republican of specific dishonorable acts, it merely implies unsavory connections.  This is soft slander, or innuendo.  Innuendo is defined as an indirect intimation about a person or thing, especially of a disparaging or a derogatory nature.

The idea is for the public to hear the innuendo, and put two and two together to get five.  Let's consider some recent examples.

1.  Lena Dunham, a leftist feminist, actress, screenwriter and producer wrote her autobiography, Not That Kind of Girl.  In her book, she claims she was raped while an undergraduate at Oberlin College.  Her alleged assailant was the lone campus Republican.

What is the connection between rape and Republicans?  There is none, but the implication is that Republicans are scumbags, prone to rape and abuse of in the Democrat propaganda meme, the Republican War on Women.  Republicans have researched Dunham's claim, and have concluded that she had consensual sex with a Democrat.  Dunham merely lied about the encounter being non-consensual, and lied about her partner's political affiliation -- all to portray herself as a victim and add spice and marketability to her book.

2.  Steve Scalise, the House Republican Majority Whip, has been "exposed" as a speaker at a white supremacist conference held in 2002.  The conference was organized by a David Duke ally, one Kenneth Knight.  Therefore, the Democrat media wants you to believe that Scalise is a white supremacist (whatever that is) and a Neo-Nazi.  Newsbusters summarizes the implications of these charges:
Scalise is facing calls for his resignation of his GOP leadership position from the editorial boards of USA Today and the Chicago Tribune, and the scandal about his longtime ties to Duke and Duke’s circles has rocked Scalise, putting his entire political career in jeopardy.
However, Steve Scalise is neither a David Duke supporter, nor a white supremacist, nor a Neo-Nazi.  It has not been demonstrated that Scalise has any "longtime ties to Duke and Duke's circles." The Democrat attempt to paint him as such is another incident of "the politics of personal destruction," a nefarious political program that Democrat strategists have turned into a fine art.

A writer at the liberal website Salon, however, sheds important light on this manufactured controversy.  The hotel conference room where Scalise spoke was not the room reserved for the "white supremacist" group (known as EURO), and the speakers therein spoke on common areas of civic interest.  Scalise spoke on political issues (taxes, not related to race), a Red Cross spokesman spoke on CPR techniques, and a Sheriff's representative spoke on the Neighborhood Watch program.

 However, since these talks were given before the EURO conference began, some members of the EURO conference came into the room to listen to the speeches, all of which were unrelated to their conference or political beliefs.  Read more about it here.

Scalise is guilty of nothing.  However, the negative impression has now entered the mainstream media and the public consciousness, where it will germinate negative inferences in the minds of voters.

The Democrat Slander Machine is in full operation, and will poison the well of public opinion with one drop of arsenic at a time.  They are despicable.


Always On Watch said...

The Left looks for any opportunity to slander the Right. I'm so sick of this crap.

Stogie Chomper said...

I read that the Dems are scrutinizing the backgrounds of the new Republican majority for any dirt, real or imagined, that can be found. They can't win on real issues, so they seek to slander whoever they can.