Saturday, December 27, 2014

The After-Christmas Mindset: Put Away The Ornaments, Time To Get To Work!

Funny, when the clock strikes midnight on the morning of December 26, Christmas ends abruptly.  Now all those candy canes, Christmas lights, Christmas trees, Christmas songs, and various other holiday hoopla seem so passe.  My son, his wife and two dogs left for Los Angeles this morning, and the house seems empty now.  However, I won't complain.  I really enjoyed this Christmas season.

Now the warm fuzzy feelings of holiday cheer are replaced with a more serious focus, getting back to work, defeating progressivism in all its forms, making money, paying bills.  I really need a hard shell case for my string bass, to prevent bumps, scratches and bruises when transporting it to practice.  The case costs around $400, with $200 more for freight, if I buy it online.  However, my bass is worth around $4,000, and I need to protect my investment.

I am looking for new employment for the coming tax season, and have had several interviews, with another one scheduled for Monday.  All seem interested in hiring me, so I just have to pick out the one that suits me best:  paywise, and proximity to home to limit the commute.

I am scheduled for cataract surgery in the middle of January.  Not looking forward to the surgery, but it will be nice to see clearly again.


Always On Watch said...

Barring complications -- and complications are very rare -- cataract surgery is a walk in the park. Now.

I had cataract surgery in 1984, and the experience was hideous, with many post-op restrictions for 6 months as well. But when I again had cataract surgery in 2008, I was completely back to normal in less than 48 hours. Seven-stitch surgery morphed into no-stitch or one-stitch surgery in those intervening years.

Stogie Chomper said...

Yes, I have other friends who recently had the surgery, and are happy with the result.