Thursday, April 30, 2015

Eye Surgery Completed

I had my second cataract surgery this past Tuesday, this time on my left eye.  The operation went well, but I spent a very bad night following the surgery.  My cornea swelled and my eye pressure increased a lot.  This caused a lot of pain, and I was unable to sleep, except for a few minutes here and there.

The next morning I went to the eye doctor for a post-surgery exam.  Unlike the first operation, this recovery was not going so well.  I threw up twice on the way, having my wife stop along the road.

The nurse took off the eye patch and everything was milky white.  I couldn't even read the largest letter on the eye chart.  The doctor said it was because my cornea was swollen, and he gave me a pill and some drops to unswell it.  This caused the pain to decrease quickly and significantly.  I went home and slept for something like 16 hours straight.

Today the sight in my left eye has improved considerably, but is still a bit blurry.  The milkiness has mostly disappeared.  The doc said the vision will improve over the next few days and weeks; I hope so.  I go back on Monday for a second evaluation.

UPDATE:  A second evaluation showed that the eye has improved to 20-25 from its initial 20-40.  I hope it will continue improving over the next few weeks until it reaches 20-20.  However, the eye sees a lot better than it did before the surgery, and my overall vision is now quite good.


Adrienne said...

I feel for you. Unless someone has had an eye injury (I have) they have no idea of the pain involved. Glad they're getting the swelling under control. As your doctor said, "It will get better!"

Stogie Chomper said...

Thanks Adrienne and AOW. My vision is improving. The strange thing is that I can see fairly well close up, whereas I was expecting to be quite farsighted. I'll see where I am in a few days.