Monday, April 27, 2015

The Shallowness of Liberalism

I spent most of the morning on FaceBook, arguing with liberals in liberal forums.  I just felt the need to fight these job-killing, liberty-strangling bastards.

Winning arguments with liberals isn't difficult.  The overwhelming majority are ignorant of current events, and history and economics, not to mention the Constitution.

Liberals flock to liberal groups to give each other a false sense of validation for their errant beliefs.  Politics is, for them, more of a social acceptance thing.  It is so satisfying to have liberal opinions, where one can pretend to be informed even though ignorant, morally superior though morally debauched, and can engage in a melee of self-congratulation with equally ignorant and shallow people.

After arguing with liberals, they often give up, surprised, shocked and deeply depressed to learn that there are counter-arguments for the political pablum that sustains them.

I hate liberalism.  And I am none too crazy about liberals either.

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