Monday, May 04, 2015

Pamela Geller's Art Show Attacked in Texas; Two Muslims Become Good Terrorists

It was bound to happen, sooner or later.  Pamela Geller has been perhaps the strongest force in America opposing Islamization of the west, and warning of the violent, subversive nature of Islam.  So a couple of Muslims attacked her "Draw Mohammed" art contest with gunfire.  They shot a security guard before Garland, Texas police sent the two to collect their virgins.  One observer wrote that the chalked outline of the dead terrorist bodies was the best artwork at the show.

The security guard was not seriously injured and is expected to fully recover.

God, I love Texas.  I'd like to move there, especially since the rest of the country is in rapid retreat before the forces of Islamic appeasement, black violence and crime, and socialist, job-killing nonsense.  Texas would be a great place to make a last stand before the return of the Dark Ages.  I surmise there are a lot of like-minded people there.

Liberal pundits and terrorist apologists are, of course, blaming Pamela Geller for defending the First Amendment.  The liberals are all in for appeasement, perfectly willing to sacrifice all of our Constitutional freedoms for temporary safety.  There are better solutions.  Banning Islam altogether would be one of them.  We would not be banning a religion, we would be banning a murder cult bent on our destruction.

Of course, the huge horse's ass named Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a far left organization with virtually no remaining credibility, attacked Geller's sites and organizations as "a hate group."  Yes, she hates, we all hate -- Islam, an evil ideology, the world's most vile religion, mass murderer of millions.  Hating Islam is the moral equivalent of hating cancer, totalitarianism, intolerance, tyranny and murder.  If you don't  hate Islam, you are a damn fool.  Mark Potok is a damn fool.  Islamophobia is a good thing.

As for Pamela Geller, I would only advise this:  buy guns and learn how to shoot them, maintain them and store them.  A good pistol is a must, but an assault rifle and a shotgun are very much recommended.  Become a gun expert, including learning the laws of each state where you live or visit.  Move to Texas, you'll be safer there.

UPDATE:  ISIS has now added Pamela Geller to their list of westerners to be assassinated.  Geller should get a concealed carry permit for a handgun, if she hasn't already done so.

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countenance said...

Even some of our own people (though I don't know how much you think of the people in question as "ours") have a rather demented interpretation of this news.