Saturday, May 23, 2015

Righteous Rants for a Saturday

It's almost futile blogging anymore.  It used to be you could choose one of a half-dozen outrages on society and lampoon the miscreants until your soul was satiated.   In the age of Obama, there are more outrages than you can count.  Which to choose?  Outrageous conduct is now the norm.  There is more aberrational behavior than normal among the populace.  The vampire fighters have diminished so much and the vampires grown, that being normal is not normal anymore.  The defenders of Western Civilization have become a thin line before the advancing hordes of barbarians and collectivists.  Still, we must try.

Take for instance:

1.  Soldiers in high heels.  This was another asinine demonstration of girly-men in the military, doing their best to make our armed forces the laughing stock of the world, diminish morale and morally and mentally emasculate men in uniform.  Two ROTC programs at two universities required its cadets to "walk a mile in her shoes," wearing high heels, to raise awareness of (mostly non-existent) campus sexual assaults on women.  Fred Reed, crusty curmudgeon and master of sarcasm, wrote a public letter to the ROTC commander to express his support.  He writes:
Dear General,
I see that on your watch the Army is turning into a transvestite marching corps in high heels, a Ziegfeld cross-gendered or bisected gay-bath sexual zoo vacuuming up every sort of erotic loony, not to mention becoming a home for unwed mothers and prostitution rings. I commend you. I have always wanted to be defended by a freak show.
Read the rest of it here.

2.  Feminism.  R.S McCain continues to focus on this particular brand of left wing lunacy.  Feminism is actually a war on men, carried out by lesbian freekazoids who insist that heterosexual sex is always rape, is unnatural and forced on women through early brainwashing.  If the human race had subscribed to feminist theory from the beginning of creation, mankind would have gone extinct eons ago.  Listen, feminist morons, you are concave where we men are convex.  There's a reason why nature made us that way. It's a simple intelligence test regarding pegs and holes. My advice:  change your major from women's studies to Home Economics.  At least then you will be trained to do something useful.

3.  "Climate Change."  Future Scenario:   "President Hillary, Putin is bombing Washington State,  the Chinese are invading the Philippines, ISIS is beheading everyone in Atlanta!"

"Never mind that.  What are we going to do about climate change?"

Surely the left's estrangement from reality is no better demonstrated than in their paranoia about non-existent "global warming," aka "climate change."  All of the actual physical data, including temperatures, arctic ice, sea level rise, etc indicates the earth is not warming.  We are actually going through a cooling phase,   So why is there such a panic for a calamity that isn't happening?

Well, of course, there is the left's long-standing conspiracy to take over the economy, take control of the means of production, distribute the goodies as government sees fit, and solidify their long-held desire to install a form of totalitarianism over the United States.  But there is another reason as well.  Whenever leftists are faced with an intractable problem, they can skirt the issue by blaming it on "climate change."  ISIS, the genocidal mass murdering Muslim force now running amok throughout the Middle East, is a result of "climate change."  Apparently, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere turns Arabs into mad killers.

Anything and everything can be blamed on the blind forces of nature, or simply the weather.  Unemployment higher than ever before?  Climate change.  Hillary deleting official emails?  Climate change.  The rise of Putin?  Climate change.  Red China's encroachment in the South China Sea?  Climate change.  Harry Reid's black eye?  Climate change.

If anything bad happens when a Democrat is in office, it's because of the weather.  Since Democrats can't control the weather, they can hardly be held responsible for all the things going wrong in the world today.  If you don't like this column, it's because of climate change.


Wizard of the Saddle said...

"ISIS is beheading everyone in Atlanta"

God fucking damnit, why can't they can't behead everyone in a city that's full of Northern degenerates like New York or New Haven. Why a beautiful Southern city?

Maybe ISIS is secretly controlled by Northerners...

Stogie Chomper said...

I wouldn't put it past those damn Yankees.

Always On Watch said...

Your first paragraph precisely sums up how I feel these days.

I am discouraged, but I slog on. What else can I do? Quit? Not I! Even though I feel that I'm watching the last days of our republic.