Sunday, May 03, 2015

Ann Coulter's Book: "Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama"

I have been feeling a bit despondent lately about the Left's destruction of race relations to further their agenda.  Liberals, especially those in the media, seek to stoke the fires of black-white racial hatred, with unbelievably biased, irresponsible reporting.  The police throughout the country are being demonized as never before.  Many are expecting more black riots this summer as a result.

I do believe the Left will destroy the country if that is what it takes to rule it.  Many leftists are now advocating a nationalized police force, one of the noted milestones on the road to Fascism.  The ongoing demonization of local police has this national police force as its goal.   A national police force can enforce whatever tyranny the Federals seek to impose.  Gun confiscation, for example.  Another serious erosion of state sovereignty and local governance.

I am currently reading Ann Coulter's book Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama.  The book was written just before the 2012 presidential elections, but is highly relevant in light of the recent Baltimore riots.

Coulter describes a lot of racial history over the past forty years:  the Tawana Brawley scandal, the Rodney King episode, plus several I hadn't heard of before, like the 1972 Harlem Mosque incident.

Four New York cops were called to Farrakan's Muslim mosque in Harlem.  The officer-in-distress call was fake and a set-up.  The cops entered the mosque and were ambushed in a stairwell.  One cop was shot dead, the others beaten to a pulp.  Unbelievably, the Mayor (liberal fool John Lindsay) and other city officials demanded the cops on the scene, the backup cops, leave the scene without arresting anyone.  The cop killer was later identified by painstaking police work, finally brought to trial, and released by a hung jury (one black woman refused to find him guilty, aided by one white liberal woman). In spite of an eyewitness, a member of the mosque, a second trial resulted in an acquittal, and once again, a guilty black man walked.  He walked because he was black, and his murder victim white.

Mayor Lindsay later apologized to Farrakan for the cops who had "invaded" his mosque.  The mayor did not attend the officer's funeral.  If there is a race war coming, you can be sure the Democrats will be stoking the flames and fighting for the black underclass.

Labeling Republicans and conservatives as "racists" is a key tactic in the Democrats' dirty little war.  In spite of that, we should not self-censor on the question of black racism, crime and violence.  We must not waiver in our support for the police, and our opposition to liberal railroading them in Kangaroo courts.

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