Saturday, December 26, 2015

Michael Moore Pledges Undying Love for Muslims

This past week the human blob known as Michael Moore, professional America-hating apologist for Islamic barbarism, donned a sign and picketed Trump Tower in New York.

Moore's sign reads "WE ARE ALL MUSLIM."  Whaaaaat?  You mean we all commit mass murder of infidels?  Support Sharia law as a replacement for the Constitution?  Set off bombs at the Boston Marathon?  Shoot 30 or so soldiers at Fort Hood?  Fly planes into skyscrapers?  Behead non-believers?  Kill our daughters for acting too western?  Clitoraly mutilate young girls?  Beat our wives?  Drink camel pee?

It is no surprise that a far-out leftist like Michael Moore would openly demonstrate in favor of evil.  The more odious an ideology is, the more leftists love it.  

Lots of folks have been photoshopping the image of Moore holding his sign in front of Trump Tower.  Some have changed the message on the sign, others have cut Moore and his sign out of the photo and pasted it into a scene of Muslims committing atrocities.  My contribution is at the top, left.  Another interpretation is below that, Photoshopper unknown.

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