Thursday, January 07, 2016

Let's Hear It For the Militias!

Kirk Lyons, Southern Legal Resource Center
I have been advocating for the organization of militias for some time.  The reason is simple:  Obama and other leftists have been exceeding their constitutional authority at an increasing pace.  We are in danger of serious degradation of our rights under the First and Second Amendments.  Recently, Democrats in Congress have been making noise about suppressing opinions that are critical of Muslims and their murderous ideology, all while bringing in thousands more of them.  Obama is attacking gun rights through executive orders.  Further, many of us halfway expect the police to show up at our doors at any moment, demanding that we hand over our guns.

This past week a group of militia members took over a federal facility in Oregon, to protest illegal federal "ownership" of state lands, and to protest the re-internment of two farmers who were sent to prison for starting a burn-off on their own land that inadvertently spread to federal lands (so-called). After serving their sentences, a federal judge decided that they had not served enough time, and ordered them returned to prison.

The Kansas City Star has an article on the latest militia-federales standoff, calling the militia members "anti-government extremists," and quoting the laughable, discredited Southern Poverty Law Center to the effect that it's all connected to white supremacists.

The Star's article mentions a FaceBook friend of mine, Kirk Lyons, lawyer, Confederate activist and head of the Southern Legal Resource Center (of which I am a member).  I was chatting with Kirk just last week, about his collection of 19th century photographs -- tintypes, ambrotypes, daguerrotypes, etc.  Liberals hate Lyons with extreme ferocity, as he sues people and institutions that discriminate against people flying the Confederate flag.  However, some years back, Kirk Lyons defused a similar militia-federal standoff by negotiating the surrender of the militia members, the Montana Freemen.  There is talk that he may be used again to negotiate with the Oregon militia members.

Maybe it's just me, but the militia members don't seem like "extremists" to me.  The federal government does, however.

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