Saturday, May 07, 2016

Anger Over Trump's Success - and Other Stories of the Day

Donald Trump's Victory
It now appears likely, if not certain, that Donald Trump will gather enough delegate votes to win the GOP presidential nomination on the first ballot.  It is surprising to me the extent of anger from some conservatives, who have described Trump as "evil," or a boor or buffoon.  They almost seem to support Hillary to avoid having to vote for Trump.  Ben Shapiro is one of the most obnoxious, describing Trump supporters as "Trump Chumps" on FaceBook.

Well, too bad.  I have had to hold my nose during the last two elections and vote for John McCain and then Mitt Romney, because the Democrat alternative seemed so much worse.  I won't have to hold my nose when I vote for Trump here in California on June 7.  However, Trump's a gamble, just as McCain and Romney were gambles.  Maybe he'll be a great president in spite of GOP pessimism.  Maybe not, but I am willing to take a chance at this point.

I no longer care that much if a candidate claims to be a "conservative."  Conservative Republicans helped Democrats trash my Confederate heritage a few months back, and that's when my loyalty to the GOP was greatly weakened.  Do I want to "burn it down," referring the the Republican Party?  Hell, hand me the matches.

Brett Kimberlin's Successive Defeats in Court
I have been following the Brett Kimberlin saga over at, for some time now.  It seems Kimberlin has been losing almost every motion and case, even without trial, as judges keep approving summary judgment motions by Kimberlin's lawfare victims, or othewise dismissing the case.  Aaron Walker sued Kimberlin and his wife for malicious prosecution recently, and Kimberlin failed to answer the complaint and this resulted in a default judgment in Walker's favor.  Kimberlin told the judge he was "Okay with the default," but he gave Kimberlin another eight days to answer the complaint before the judgment is filed.  If Kimberlin answers the complaint, the case may proceed to trial.  If not, the only hearing heard next is to fix the level of damages owed to Walker.  Kimberlin had earlier filed a motion for summary judgment, but it was denied.   This meant that discovery could begin and the case could be scheduled for trial.

It should be interesting to see how it all plays out.  Kimberlin has had seemingly unlimited energy in filing lawsuits and filing appeals when he loses by summary judgement or has cases dismissed (due to res judicata, statute of limitations, and other legal issues).  This is the first time I and others have witnessed what appears to be battle fatigue on Kimberlin's part.  He is just throwing in the towel.  Or maybe not.  We'll know by next week.

William Hoge has also filed a lawsuit against Kimberlin and some of his associates, for malicious prosecution and defamation.  After three years of fighting Kimberlin's many lawsuits, both Walker and Hoge have decided that payback time has arrived.  And you know what they say about payback.  Yes, it has a lot in common with Hillary.

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