Sunday, May 22, 2016

The New Genderless Society

I have often poo-pooed R.S. McCain's seeming fixation on the sick subculture of feminism (think ugly lesbians who hate men).  However, I am beginning to see the value of his walk on the weird side.  It seems the fat, ugly lesbians (also known as FULs) want to eradicate gender from our society altogether.  Is this where the current madness came from, the move to make all public bathrooms genderless or "trans-gender"?

It seems the Democratic Party (as well as liberal Republicans) are too willing to follow the lead of the Kook Element on college campuses.  Whatever new extremist fad is invented, it will be immediately picked up by the mainstream political establishment who see it as revealed truth.  New victims must be found. lest we run out of ways to signal our virtue and demonstrate our enlightenment.  If no new victims can be found, they must be invented.  Hence, a boy who likes to dress up like girls and use the latter's bathroom is the new victim.

Next will be the "furries," a new group of people who like to dress up as animals.  A guy in my previous rock band now dresses up like a wolf, and hangs around with various other species cross-dressers.  Someday soon Target will pass a policy allowing those dressed as giant chickens to use the stall next to yours, and if the clucking bothers you, too bad.

In the end, the long-term goal of the radical left is to eliminate all class, race, and gender divisions.  There are to be no differences between humans, at all.  Socialists have long advocated that everyone in society earn the same pay, from the CEO down to the mailroom clerk, and that will become a burning issue sooner or later. "Inequality of income" must be removed.  Perhaps we will adopt a kind of uniform so that everyone will dress in the same fashion and color as everyone else.  Only one deodorant will be manufactured, so that everyone smells the same as well.

How else can we achieve universal equality?  Well, no more bands and orchestras can be allowed, because of the divisions -- rhythm, brass and woodwinds.  And what if someone plays better than another?  The latter's feelings will be terribly hurt.  Therefore, bands and orchestras will have only one instrument that anyone can play, perhaps a kazoo.

Yes, America will become a Freak Show.  Or should I say, MORE of a freak show.

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