Friday, May 13, 2016

Anti-Trump Republicans' New Strategy!

There is currently a lot of whining, cry-baby insults and memes from the GOP Anti-Trump crowd.  Dave at Moonbattery has been throwing some impressive temper-tantrums.

My major reasons for supporting Trump are clear:  (1) He wants to stop illegal immigration, (2) He wants to stop Muslim immigrations, (3) He hates political correctness and wants to destroy it, (4) He wants to rebuild the military that has been so badly weakened by Obama, (5) He wants to fix bad trade deals with foreign countries that transfer American jobs overseas.

However, the anti-Trump Republicans have a new strategy:  shoot themselves in the foot, and then reload and shoot the other foot.  Brilliant move, crybabies.  Grow up and get with the program.

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