Sunday, June 12, 2016

Islam Has Got to Go

By now everyone has heard about the Muslim man who shot and killed over 50 people in a gay nightclub last night in Orlando, Florida.  Islam is a religion of mass murder -- anyone who has read the Koran is aware of that.  As long as there are great numbers of Muslims among us, these incidents of mass murder will continue.  I have harped on that theme over and over again for the past ten years.  Nothing has changed, not even the left's denial of Islam's barbaric nature.  Many on the Alt Right also deny Islam's true nature, blaming Muslim violence on "blow back" or the false flags of some great conspiracy.

Islam has got to go.  But until we can devise a plan for ridding the planet of this malevolent ideology, we must first separate ourselves from Muslims.  All Islamic immigration into the west must stop.  Now, without exception.  All foreign aid and military assistance to Muslim countries must cease. Recent Muslim immigrants must be collected and sent back to their nations of origin.

Here are some useful facts.

The enemy of my enemy is not my friend.  Some see in Muslim jihadists potential allies against the "Great Satan," the United States.  No matter what your beef against the USA, whether it be Mexicans who want California back, Southerners who want their country back, communists who want to end capitalism, paranoid conspiracy-theorists who want their theories validated -- Islam is not their friend.  Islam is only the friend of Islam.  This was well established by Muhammad, war lord and bandit, who invented the religion back in the 7th Century.

Muhammad was a megalomaniac, like other tyrants in history (Gengis Khan, Caligula, Tamerlane, Attila the Hun, Alexander the Great) he wanted to rule the world, or much of it.  He thirsted for power and riches, and had no empathy for his fellow man.  Muhammad was just another tyrant in the long sweep of history.  However, without royalty or station or any other claim to leadership, he had to invent his own.  Thus he became a "prophet of God," a man so revered and respected by God that the Deity granted him control of all the earth.  His mission:  to forcefully unite the world under the new religion of Islam, and kill or enslave any who refused to go along.

Of course, during the holy wars to accomplish this, a lot of "booty," i.e. treasure was collected in the process, one-fifth of which went to Muhammad, the rest divided among his henchmen.  Other prizes of war included human beings to be sold into slavery, and young women to rape.  And land, of course, like the date farms of the Jews he conquered.  This was an appealing profession for every Arabic cutthroat and bandit of the era -- to murder, rob, and rape for God, all with His blessing!  No need to even feel slightly guilty.  This was God's work.

But Muhammad wasn't satisfied.  He always wanted more, more, more.  So he ordered continuing warfare against all mankind, to make them obeisant to Allah, the god he invented.  Of course, a side benefit was that as Allah's prophet, Muhammad would get to rule the world and avail himself of all of its riches.  Some cynics suspect that this was Muhammad's main goal all along, Allah or no Allah.

Muhammad was a smart cookie.  He had to give his armies great incentive to prevail in battle, to be unconquerable and irresistible.  To do this, he had to remove their fear of death.  So the pretext for martyrdom was invented.  Any Muslim soldier who died in Muhammad's wars of conquest would go directly to Heaven, bypassing the Day of Judgment.  In fact, this was the only sure way to get to Heaven.  A non-combatant Muslim's chance of Heaven was only one in one thousand.  A Muslim who died in battle was sure of his Heavenly abode.  Further, he could bring with him 60 or 70 family members and friends who died peacefully -- so his mom, sisters, wives, uncles, cousins -- whoever -- could get to Heaven on his dime.  Muhammad's strategy was ingenious -- not only did it take away the fear of death among his followers, it actually made death desirable.  This created ruthless and relentless soldiers who were very difficult to defeat.

This strategy worked well for Muhammad, and Islam forcefully expanded rapidly throughout Arabia.  Unfortunately, 1,384 years after his death, the great killing machine that Muhammad set in motion goes on.  Young Muslim men are ready, willing and able to continue the War on All Mankind, dying in jihad (holy war) to ensure that they and their loved ones go to Heaven.  A Heaven, it seems, that is presided over by the most vicious version of God ever created.

Stogie's Background:  After the 911 attack on New York, I began reading books on Islam to understand its beliefs, methods and motivations.  I have read around 18 books on the history and practices of Islam, including the Koran and the classic "Life of Mahomet" by Sir William Muir.  

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