Saturday, June 04, 2016

Lesson of San Jose: Time to Deport the Illegals

In my former hometown of San Jose yesterday, illegal aliens (aka "wetbacks") and their leftist supporters attacked Trump fans.  Trump voters were punched, or had rocks or eggs thrown at them.  I wasn't there, and it's probably great that I wasn't.  If ever we needed free carry of firearms, now is the time.  The illegals have gotten way out of hand, as happens in a "sanctuary city" where U.S. immigration laws are deliberately unenforced.  The illegal scum have an enormous sense of entitlement, and why not?  Jerry Brown and his democratic fascist followers have made it easy for illegals to vote in this state.  They can sign up when they get their California drivers license.

Liberal politicians are a kind of acid that is slowly dissolving our country.  Yes, I am voting for Trump.  The condition of the country is increasingly desperate, and the Presidency is not a job for wimps.

San Jose Trump Supporter?

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