Thursday, July 21, 2016

Politics Suck and The GOP Convention 2016

I haven't written much lately.  I have been too disgusted and too lazy.

I've been watching the GOP Convention in Cleveland, and feel that it has been pretty good so far.  I loved the way Giuliani and Gingrich savaged Hillary in speeches to the convention.

The Democrat Convention will be a freak fest of weirdos, Marxists and nut balls.  They will be vicious in their attempt to continue the destruction of  American liberty, prosperity and sovereignty.

Meanwhile, the butt-hurt anti-Trump "conservative" losers continue their descent into irrelevancy.  I will redo my blog face soon, and delete a lot of them from my blog roll.  That would include Moonbattery, Red State, National RINO Online and others.

Right now, I am looking forward to Donald Trump's speech to the Convention tonight.

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