Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Burn a Candle for Victims of Islam? No, BURN A QUR'AN

Atlas Shrugs has an article about a couple of Afghani women in Burquas moments before their murder by the Islamic thugs of the Taliban. The women were accused of prostitution or associating with Americans or whatever. The pictures are disturbing, particularly the "After" photo showing the crumpled bodies with a stream of blood running into the sand.

She also has an article about the return of Israelis who were kidnapped and murdered. Their bodies were exchanged for some living Palestinian terrorists.

When the Israelis opened the coffins of their slain comrades, they were shocked at the degree of torture and mutilation that had been visited upon their murdered countrymen. I hate Islam and I make no bones about it. Sooner or later, the civilized world must find a way to end this barbaric and lethal ideology.

Such news is commonplace in the Muslim world. Whenever I hear of such atrocities in the future, I plan to accompany my comments with photos of a burning Qur'an. You know, the hateful little book of the world's vilest religion, started by a false prophet and starring the non-existent god named Allah.

So here are some photos of burning Qur'ans. Enjoy, you Muslims.

And if this make you very angry, well then, we're even. Watching Muslims murder people makes me angry; watching lifeless paper and ink burn makes you angry. Which of us is nuts?


Anonymous said...

You bastard you dnt even know that islam is the best religion in the whole world if u cnt say anything useful and kind dnt say anyfing u ass hole it's ppl like u dat will bring this earth to ruins dick head go die and if you think of burning the Qu'ran you wnt live to c the day

Stogie said...

Yes, anonymous, it is the best religion in the world...the best for terrorism, for clitoral mutilations, for honor killings, for assassinations, for mass murder. Sorry, I am not impressed.