Thursday, March 01, 2012

Andrew Breitbart and Davy Jones Die

Andrew Breitbart
What a sucky day.  Andrew Breitbart died today at age 43 - a young, energetic, charismatic warrior for conservatism, liberty and economic prosperity.  The news says he died of natural causes, probably a bad heart.  Breitbart's death is a profound loss for the conservative cause.  Why him, why now?

Davy Jones
Strange, David Thomas, also known as Davy Jones, died the day before.  Thomas was the lead singer of the Monkees, a contrived "rock band" that was formed out of cute boys in the 1960's to pretend they were Beatle look-alike musicians on a television show aimed at pubescent girls who needed fantasy boyfriends.  The television shows were terrible, with the "Monkees" doing things like riding bikes and chasing each other around and behaving like the children they were trying to entertain.  Then of course, they would give a band performance and sing some mostly vapid songs.  Of course, they weren't playing the instruments, but they did do the singing, so we'll have to give them that.

I will say this though:  the Monkees recorded a couple of songs that I really liked, and still do:  "Last Train to Clarksville" and "I'm a Believer."

"Davy Jones" was 66 years old, but I will always remember him as the young guy above.


Always On Watch said...

I am really bummed over the loss of Breitbart.

Stogie said...

AOW, me too. Sometimes I have to wonder what God is thinking.

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