Saturday, March 31, 2012

Black on White, White on Black, Race Race Race, Murder and Mayhem

Wow, we are within spitting distance of the end of tax season.  The winds are blowing hard here in Hollister, just as the political winds are doing nationwide.  Gas is approaching $5 a gallon (and no one seems to even notice or care), some black teenager named Trayvon Martin was shot to death, apparently in self-defense, by the hispanic man whose face he was beating in.  Now the race merchants are doing their best to stir up hatred for pale people among those of the ebony shade.  The riot-inspiring, blood-on-his-hands Al Sharpton is doing his best to add to his resume for inspiring murder and mayhem and we all watch in disgust.  Believe me, Al, you don't want to go there.

Apparently, the man who shot Martin, one George Zimmerman, only did so after Martin got on top of Zimmerman, smashed his head into the sidewalk several times, pummeled his face and broke his nose.  Apparently, Martin was unaware of the fact that Zimmerman was carrying.  He found out too late.

Okay, in fairness it appears Zimmerman insulted Martin by following him through the former's housing complex and thus implied that Martin was a crook about to commit a crime.  Yes, that would piss me off too.  However, once Martin's anger advanced to aggressive violence, all bets are off, all rationalizations fade.  Zimmerman did what everyone has a right to do, which is to save one's own life when it is in immediate danger.  Martin in effect killed himself, and I feel no sense of injustice in his death -- tragedy yes, injustice, no.

Black on white violence is far more the norm than the opposite, and yes, we white people are generally afraid of black people we don't know because of the latter's history of crime and violence.  Just read any local news stories on a daily basis.  Blacks are continually assaulting themselves and everyone else -- I don't think I am being either unfair or inaccurate on this point.  If there is a solution, it is this:  the disproportionate crime and violence of the black population must cease.  How that is to be accomplished, I do not know.  Perhaps the situation can never be improved, I don't really know.

One thing I do know though, is this:  assholes like Al Sharpton are part of the problem, not the solution.


amen said...

Are you for real? I've seen no evidence of Zimmerman being injured, or of self-defense being a viable excuse. It fits your racial profiling though, so whatever I guess. Fucking idiotic racist Septic.

Stogie said...

A better question is: are you for real? So you think Zimmerman just shot the guy in the chest for no reason other than he was black? You live in an alternate universe.

If you were really interested in truth rather than leftist propaganda, you might have seen the photo of Zimmerman with a big gash in the back of his head.

Fly said...

Zimmerman wasn't attacked at all. Why would you lie like that?

Stogie Chomper said...

Why do fools like you exist? Why does a bear shit in the woods? Ah, the great mysteries of life.

You're so right. Zimmerman pounded his own head into a bloody mess on the sidewalk. You idiot.

Stogie said...

Apparently you see only what you want to see. And as blacks have proved so often with their violent, uncivilized behavior, profiling is an intelligent and necessary way for others to protect themselves.