Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mystical Moola; On Finding Cold Cash in Old Desks

"I Found It In An Old Litter Box!"
A couple of weeks ago, someone close to me went to a thrift shop to browse among the used clothes, furniture and appliances.  He knows that sometimes treasures can be found in such places, but wasn't expecting the treasure waiting for him on that day.  He and his wife pulled up to the Thrift Shop and saw a small desk sitting on the curb, a very recent donation that hadn't been checked into inventory yet.  My friend inquired about the desk, saying he would like to buy it.  The Thrift Shop employee said, "It's yours for forty bucks!"  Sold!

While loading the desk into his truck, he had to turn it upside down, and that's when he noticed rolled paper peeking from a cubbyhole underneath the desk.  Reinforcing wood brackets were afixed to the legs of the desk, where they meet the underside, and apparently they made neat places to hide things.  He reached into the small space and pulled out several hundred dollar bills.  His wife began probing the sister bracket on the other side and found the same thing.  When they counted the money, they had 47 one-hundred dollar bills. I saw the money and held it; it was real.

I think some people have a strange money-attraction.  It's a Zen thing, you wouldn't understand.

Well two days ago as I sat in the CPA office in Millbrae where I work during the week, a middle-aged couple sat down in the waiting room where I work.  I work at the reception desk, that being the only space available to me. They were not my clients, they were there to see the CPA who owns the office.

The wife got up and went to the restroom, and this gave the gentleman a chance to share with me some news that was burning in his chest.  He walked over and said, "My wife doesn't know this, but I bought an old desk in a warehouse for $20 and moved it into my building.  While I was cleaning it, I found $8,000 in cash hidden in the desk!"  He then pulled out several photographs of the money, piles of one-hundred dollar bills.  I then told him the similar story of my friend who found $4,700 in his old desk, only two weeks before.

I thought it very strange that I would know or meet people with such similar, lucky experiences in the span of two weeks.  Obviously, the Universe was speaking to me, trying to tell me something.

What?  Go buy old desks? Or maybe it was just saying, "Nyaah, nyaah, nyaah!  I give free money to some people but not to you!"

Thanks a lot, Universe.


Always On Watch said...

Once Mr. AOW bought an old VW convertible for $100. We found $10 stashed under the floor mat.

The extent of any found money over our nearly 40 years of marriage.

Stogie said...

Hmm, Aow, I guess the Universe doesn't like you either! :)

david7134 said...

Would it not be a better world to inquire as to previous ownership of the desk and return the money?

Stogie said...

David, what if the previous owner was a drug dealer? Or someone not reporting all of his earnings to the IRS?

Nah, I don't think so.

david7134 said...

Sorry, have been ill. But to followup. In our society, with the war on drugs and our great government, those two examples are patroits.